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I have been looking around but couldn't find anything good about this.

I would like to customize the default UIRefeshControl with different loader, etc. So far I can only change tintColor & attributedTitle properties and most code I found are just basically creating a new "pulltorefresh" effect but what I want is to just use the UIRefreshControl and customize it a bit.

Is this possible?

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Here is another thing you can do with refresh control: stackoverflow.com/questions/16773215/… – esp Jun 6 '13 at 13:06
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You can't add different loader without accessing private APIs, but you can add background image:

UIImageView *rcImageView =
    [[UIImageView alloc] initWithImage:
        [UIImage imageNamed: @"refreshControl.png"]];
[self.refreshControl insertSubview:rcImageView atIndex:0];

assuming self is an instance of UITableViewController subclass.

Image size you need is 320x43px (@2x 640x86px), the middle area (approximately 35px) will be covered by the loader animation.

I show application logo there...

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