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In our LOB app, We have 4 pivot viewers on separate pages in a navigation control. When we navigate from one pivot viewer to another the memory increases (as expected).

This memory continues to increase however to a point where the system runs out of memory. We have added in cases to dereference everything (events / itemsource/ properties /templates) when the page is navigated away from and explicitly call the GC.Collect method for testing

I've create a MS Connect issue for it at

which has a sample app up on it that reproduces it

Steps to Repro are Navigate to the Patients page Navigate back to Locations page

Just keep navigating between the two pages. Memory is never fully reclaimed (I also have a page that will just call the GC which doesn't reclaim the memory)

Any help in sorting this out or even pushing me in the right direction to solve it would be great or ideas for a work around


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I can't look at the app until I get home. But are you sure it's the PivotViewer and not some other object you're not Dispose()ing? – Ginosaji May 16 '13 at 14:09
Thanks for getting back, I'm pretty sure its the viewer thats not getting disposed as I've dereferenced everything I can think of source/itemtemplates/pivot properties etc – tmccartan May 17 '13 at 7:24

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