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I am using unittest in Jython. (I am writing some Sikuli tests)

I am able to make setUp() work, but I am unable to get setUpClass() running.

Does anyone know if this is supported in Jython? Has anyone gotten it to work?

import unittest

class MyTestClass(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUpClass(cls):
    def tearDownClass(cls):
    def test_1(self):

print("setUpClass") never prints anything

I am running Java 2.5.2 (Release_2_5_2:7206, Mar 2 2011, 23:12:06)

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setUpClass was introduced in Python 2.7 , and Python 3.2; Based on your tag "jython-2.5", I'd recommend trying the beta release Jython 2.7beta 1 which "brings us up to language level compatibility with the 2.7 version of CPython"

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