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I am having trouble handling exception in Case statment , for exmaple

Case when someiput is null then

     select something from sometable where somecondition=somevalue
         when NO_DATA_FOUND then
      end case ;

Erro i get is Encountere Exception when expeting case begin declare

So anyone can you please let me know how to handle this.THis is happening is oracle 11g Could easily reproducible in other version as well

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Are you talking about the case statement in QUERY or PLSQL?. In PLSQL you can write Begin, Exception and End block within the case statement. Like,

when someiput is null then

    select something into val
      from sometable
     where somecondition = somevalue; 

  Exception when NO_DATA_FOUND then 
    someinput :=   somevalue;
end case;

I hope it help!

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@ashwin - this is the answer. Your proc was missing the BEGIN to go with the EXCEPTION. –  Ed Gibbs May 16 '13 at 14:02

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