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I am designing a basic inventory style program to handle quantities of parts. I'm designing this data type in order to hold all the information that I take from a .csv file. The DataAccess class is used for all File I/O and the getPart function specifically searches through the file until it finds the part ID number that matches the ID given. The issue I'm looking to find out is whether I have to manually have each variable assigned, or if there is a way to assign the retrieved part to the class. I have excluded the getters/setters, but they do exist.

I would like to assign the Part retrieved and created from a .csv file by the DataAccess class to this iteration of Part, in my program there is an array of parts that are used to calculate things like profit, costs, and potential..

public class Part{
private String name;
private String id;
private int quantity;
private BigDecimal purchasePric;
private BigDecimal saleprice;
private ArrayList<String> subparts;
private String description;

public Part(String File)
    Part TempP = DataAccess.getPart(File);

public Part(){}


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See the Java Tutorial on Assignment. –  Lutz Horn May 16 '13 at 14:01
First off... use standard java naming conventions: variable/parameter names start with lowercase (only class names start with upper case). Next: In English, what is it you want to do here? –  Bohemian May 16 '13 at 14:02
"my teacher was terrible so my knowledge of java is not extensive" Blaming the available resources/tools does not go down well on SO. –  Andrew Thompson May 16 '13 at 14:04
Don't use abbreviations like Quant; use full names like quantity instead. Let your IDE help you with your typing. Don't name a clas Data; that isn't specific enough, and it doesn't really contain data. It's more of a data access object. Use Lists instead of arrays where possible. And, don't use doubles for currency variables. Use BigDecimal instead; it has proper rounding support. –  Eric Jablow May 16 '13 at 14:22
I am only using BlueJay it does not have typing assistance... It also does not automatically locate necessary packages like BigDecimal, which I'd never heard of, but thanks. I would like to assign the 'Part' retrieved and created from a .csv file by the 'DataAccess' class to this iteration of 'Part', in my program there is an array of parts that are used to calculate things like profit, costs, and potential... –  Sniz May 16 '13 at 14:37

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Assuming your getPart() method works correctly and returns a Part, then I think that you should make a static proxy method instead of using the constructor:

public class Part{
    public static Part readFromFile(String File, String aID) {
        return Data.getPart(File, ID);
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You can build an entirely dynamic assingment using Java Reflection API

You cand see more examples at StackOverflow

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