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I would like to use the great IPython Web Interface to open, evaluate, edit and save the following "myfile.py" (see below) avoiding the annoying process: Create an .ipynb > import myfile.py to it > make some evaluation or edition > export to .py > remove unnecessary code lines and finaly get again the following content (myfile.py):

import os

# <codecell>

# Number division

# Number Plus

Is there a command line to do so?


  • I want work ONLY with .py files, any solution with store/work with .ipynb (JSON files) not be welcome.
  • Suggestions for other programs will be very welcome.
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On stable version, use the --script flag, it always save .py file wihthout having to go through the export process. Still it also save the .ipynb file along side.

On dev version there are now pre-save hook that allows you to do whatever you want for saving .

To automatically load .py files, you will have to write your own Notebook File Loader backend that accept .py files.

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