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I have one big file with the content as below:

dn: CN=Brower\, Stephen,OU=Recipients,OU=Mailboxes,OU=Exchange2000,DC=raritanval,DC=edu
changetype: modify
replace: department
department: Computer Science

dn: CN=Brower\, Stephen,OU=Recipients,OU=Mailboxes,OU=Exchange2000,DC=raritanval,DC=edu
changetype: modify
replace: description
description: Computer Science


I want to create multiple file which will have the output starting from "dn:" to "-", it means it will start searching from dn: and will print till - in one file and so on. And there is a requirement to have some standard name for the file as well which will be created.

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An awk script can be helpful. Since you are running on AIX, you might want to get GNU awk (or gawk) installed. gawk has many more useful features than vanilla awk.

awk 'BEGIN{fnum=1;}($1=="dn:"){flag=1; x=""}(flag==1){x=x "\n" $0}($1=="-"){flag=0; fn="file" fnum; print x > fn; close (fn); fnum++;}'

This dumps the data into files that are sequentially numbered file1, file2, ...

[Edited to reflect OP's needs and added close(fn)]

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I need sort of script using some simple way to execute the above stuff i mentioned. Help me to achieve that please. – Gunny KC May 16 '13 at 18:51
But the file i have, last two comma separated names are same so in my case only one file generated as same as original using the above command. Let me know if i am doing something wrong. – Gunny KC May 16 '13 at 20:58
Can you provide some more information? Looking at the two records you provided, they have the same fields at the end. For instance, both records you list end in "DC=raritanval,DC=edu". However, they do differ in the "replace:" field. Is this how all your records are structured? Will any two records that have the same ending field (e.g., "DC=raritanval,DC=edu") have different "replace:" fields? – Ram Rajamony May 16 '13 at 23:59
dn: CN=Kletz\, Pattiann,OU=Recipients,OU=Mailboxes,OU=Exchange2000,DC=raritanval,DC=edu changetype: modify replace: title title: Assistant Professor-Business - dn: CN=Krov\, Kathleen,OU=Recipients,OU=Mailboxes,OU=Exchange2000,DC=raritanval,DC=edu changetype: modify replace: department department: Nursing - So i provided few more data for example, i want these 5 line starting from dn: upto - should written in some different file say file1 shud contain 5 line and file2 shud next contain 5 lines starting from dn: to - ignore the space. I hope i m clear to provide the detail. – Gunny KC May 17 '13 at 6:54
So finally there will be many files generated, file name could be anything, file1,file2 like that. And each file will contain 5 lines as i mentioned earlier. So liek if found dn: it shud write upto - in different file. And then again start the loop for the next 5 lines and so on. Please help to provide the way. – Gunny KC May 17 '13 at 7:01

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