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If i have two sum variables with total individual variables. Is there an easier way of getting the sum?


var first_one = 5;
var first_two = 5;

var second_one = 5;
var second_two = 5;

var firstTotal = first_one + first_two;
var secondTotal = second_one + second_two;

var total = firstTotal + secondTotal;
return total;
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How is that more efficient? It takes longer to type, more bytes to store, and the only way to implement it involves using a function call instead of a simple operator! –  Quentin May 16 '13 at 14:31

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Create a function called sum()

function sum(val1, val2) {
    return val1 + val2;

Call it

var firstTotal = sum(first_one, first_two);
var secondTotal = sum(second_one, second_two);

var total = sum(firstTotal, secondTotal);
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function sum(a,b){
      return a+b;
var firstTotal = sum(first_one, first_two);
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