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Can you explain me what cube mode and Cube Data Files are on Tesseract ocr Engine and what is the advantage of using them?

And how can i train tesseract for Greek to have better results?

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For those who might be still interested. On Tesseract's web site there is standart trained data sets for different files.

Procedure for training is described here (for version 3.01)

In case of Cube is another engine in comparison with Tesseract, it consumes more resources, slower, but gives better results.

Data files -set of files, that should finally lead(be merged into) to traineddata file.

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There is an explanation of the various training files required by the Cube engine mode on the tesseract-ocr-extradocs project wiki:

There you can find detailed (but incomplete) information on how to create the necessary files for training in Cube mode. There's also some information on the neural network file format that might be useful:

Cube mode will often give you better recognition results by using neural networks instead of the adaptive classifier.

I never created Cube training files on my own, so I can't give you more detailed information on how to create these files.

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