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I am developing an extension. Right now, I am facing a problem, which I can't solve by myself. I want to create multiple objects of one class within one form.

With the extension it should be possible to set up and answer surveys. For each single answer to each single questions of the survey an instance of the just called object shall be created.

For example: There are multiple text fields and I want to create one object and fill its variable "value" for each field.

I already found a link addressing that problem: (Sorry it's in german, but maybe you can get the idea). http://www.typo3.net/forum/beitraege/extbase_und_fluid/106852/ I guess this should be the solution. But I am not able to adopt that to my code.

The only thing that happens, when I click the submit button at the end of the form: The view is reloaded.

In the following I post my code: For explanation, the text fields are created in a external Partial, which is called by a Partial-VH.


{namespace vh=Tx_survey_ViewHelpers}

<f:layout name="Default" />

<f:section name="main">

<f:form method="post" controller="Session" action="create"
    name="newSession" object="{newSession}" arguments="{survey: survey}">


            <br />


            <f:render partial="{vh:partial(type: '{question.type}')}"
                    arguments="{question: question,
                    options: question.options}" />

        <br />

    <f:form.submit value="Submit" />



TextField Partial:

<f:form.textfield name="tx_survey_survey[answers][value][]" value="" />
<f:form.hidden name="tx_survey_survey[answers][qid][]" value="2" />


namespace Stupro\Survey\Controller;
 * @package survey
class SessionController extends \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Mvc\Controller\ActionController {

 * sessionRepository
 * @var \Stupro\Survey\Domain\Repository\SessionRepository
 * @inject
protected $sessionRepository;


 * Creates a new session
 * @param Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Survey $survey The survey the session belongs to
 * @param Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Session $newSession A fresh session object which has not yet been added to the repository
 * @param array $answers An array of answers. array(amount => '12.50', comment => 'Children')
 * @return void
 * @dontverifyrequesthash
public function createAction(Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Survey $survey, \Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Session $newSession, array $answers = array()) {

//         $newSession = $this->createAndAddAnswers($newSession, $answers);


    $this->redirect('list', 'Session');

 * Creates an answer for every item in the answers array and adds it to the session.
 * @param Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Session $session The sessions the answers should be added to
 * @param array $answers An array of answers. array(amount => '12.50', comment => 'Children')
 * @return Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Session The Session
protected function createAndAddAnswers(Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Session $session, array $answers = array()) {
    foreach ($answers['value'] as $key => $value) {
        if (!empty($value)) {
            $session->addAnswer(new Stupro\Survey\Domain\Model\Answer($value, $answers['qid'][$key]));
    return $session;


I am very thankful for every kind of help! Greets!

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Most probable is that you get (hidden) validation problems, because the submitted data does not fit the model. Have you tried debugging your post data with a debug function? –  Mateng Jun 19 '13 at 22:15

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