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I'm using Apache POI to work with docx documents using java. The principe is simple :

  • I have a base template to show datas (with text, titles and tables)
  • I have datas that will fill the template
  • I need to produce a final document that will contains the template repeted for each data row

I've succeded to load the template doc, and I also created the final doc object which contains nothing (from an empty doc containing the styles I want, so I don't loose them). I'm able to change my datas field in the template by going through the paragraphs and tables, but what I can't do is copy the content that have been changed to the final doc.

Basically, this is what I have :

for(int i=0; i<10; i++){
for(int i=0; i<10; i++){
    //EditableDocX is a subclass of XWPFDocument, for purpose of my project
    EditableDocX document = new EditableDocX("template.docx");  

    replacementMap.put("[field1]", "Content1_"+i);
    replacementMap.put("[field2]", "Content2_"+i);

    document.replaceWithMap(replacementMap);  //I've got this
    finalDoc.addContentOfDoc(document);   //I don't have this :(

Is there a way to copy content of the document object to the end of the finalDoc object ? (there is paragraphs and tables, with styles)

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I ended up changing library : docx4j is way more useful for what I wanted to do. FYI, here is the piece of code needed to append a doc at the end of another :

public static void append(WordprocessingMLPackage docDest, WordprocessingMLPackage docSource) {
    List<Object> objects = docSource.getMainDocumentPart().getContent();
    for(Object o : objects){

This works for me, it copies the content from the docSource to the docDest, keeping the format.

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