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I am trying to use CreateDate in CFWheels and I am getting stupid errors that I will explain in detail in sec.

To start, this is my code

            lastM = dateFormat(CreateDate(year(now()),month(now())-1,day(now())),'MM');
            d = DaysInMonth(lastM);
            session.start = dateFormat(CreateDate(Year(rightnow),Month(lastM),Day(01)),'YYYY-MM-DD');
            session.end = dateFormat(CreateDate(Year(rightnow),Month(lastM),Day(d)),'YYYY-MM-DD');
            session.date = "last_month";

As you can see I am trying to set my session variables start and end to the beginning and end of 'last month'. When I dump lastM and d I am getting correct values for the month and the DaysInMonth. When I use these two variables in my CreateDate method the session.start is becoming equal to 2013-01-31 and session.end is equal to 2013-01-30. I tried writing the method in many different ways but I don't see what is causing this.

I have already checked this issue Coldfusion CreateDate Issue here but it is not the same with what I am experiencing.

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You are misusing the month() function. From the docs:

Extracts the month value from a date/time object

You are passing in a number, which CF implicitly converts to a date (probably 01/03/1900), just not the correct one. So month() is actually returning 1. That is why your results say January 2013.

A simpler way to accomplish this is to use dateAdd. Simply calculate the first of the current month. Then subtract months or days to get the start and end of the previous month. (Note: I would leave the values as date objects and only "format" them when you need to display them to the user).

    today = now();
    firstOfThisMonth = CreateDate( year(today), month(today), 1);
    firstOfLastMonth = dateAdd("m", -1, firstOfThisMonth);
    endOfLastMonth = dateAdd("d", -1, firstOfThisMonth);
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Thanks Leigh. This was also causing a 'Month' error because it was setting April to have 31 days instead of 30. –  Geo May 16 '13 at 15:47
Yep, that is why it is better to use date functions than to roll your own. Date functions take care of the nitty-gritty details for you :) –  Leigh May 16 '13 at 15:48

Remove your day functions from the last arguments of createDate. Just use 1 and d.

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Thanks for your answer but Leigh's worked as I needed it. –  Geo May 16 '13 at 15:48
And that was something that I did before posting the question but it did not work –  Geo May 16 '13 at 15:48

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