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I have an existing MySQL DB. Now I've created a Slick model to query said DB.

My problem now is: when I try to connect the model to an existing table it doesn't work. It says it needs evolution. But when I rename the table in Slick and make the evolution it creates a new Table that looks the same to me.

So my question is: why can't I use the existing table if it looks the same?

Is there a way to skip the evolution and try my luck?

thank you for your time

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I can't say why you are having that behaviour without more details, but to disable evolutions go to conf/application.confand you will find:

# Evolutions
# ~~~~~
# You can disable evolutions if needed 
# evolutionplugin=disabled 

Uncomment and then evolutions will be disabled

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exactly wht I neede. Thanks! –  Archaeron May 17 '13 at 14:10

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