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I'm writing a Maven plugin and I am using default values for all parameters such as this:

 * The file with the site structure.
 * @parameter expression="${generateSite.siteFile}" default-value="${basedir}/src/oda/site.xml"
private File siteFile;

Now I am adding a new parameter which is a collection. Is there a way to set default values for a parameter like the following one?

 * A list of file/directory names to exclude in the processing.
 * @parameter ????
private Set<String> excludes;
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To my knowledge, this is actually not possible, there is no real way to specify default values for Parameter Types With Multiple Values (like Arrays, Collections, or Maps), at least not as parameter. I had to do this in the past too and, having read threads like array (or collecton) as a default-value of a mojo configuration parameter or configuring a list as default value for a plugin parameter, I ended up setting defaults in the execute() method, like Chris mentioned in a comment to his answer (see for example the flexmojos:wrapper plugin sources and the parameters parameter).

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That's the answer I suspected I would get. I had a brief glimpse at the Maven source code, but then it seemed I needed the Plexus source, too -- which is where I stopped. Let's just assume you are right ;-) –  Peter Becker Nov 3 '09 at 0:13
Well, I'm still not 100% sure but flexmojos being developed by Sonatype, I guess they are representative of state of the art and are a trustful reference. –  Pascal Thivent Nov 3 '09 at 0:47

I don't think that Set is explicitly supported but the following will work:

 * A list of file/directory names to exclude in the processing.
 * @parameter
private String[] myFiles;

You can then configure it using:


BTW this was taken from the Parameter Types With Multiple Values section on this page which also details other ways to allow parameters with multiple values.

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According to the documentation you link to yourself any java.util.Collection should work -- this is how I came up with the original plan. It definitely does work with a Set in the way you describe it. But that is not setting default values, it is the normal project-specific configuration. The documentation does not mention anything about setting default values on the multi-valued parameters (or not being able to). –  Peter Becker Nov 2 '09 at 4:06
Sorry, I obviously didn't read the question properly! However, I believe the answer is no. A few years ago I was seeking a similar answer on the Maven mailing lists, and I only found "I don't think so" answers. Digging around the Plexus code (which Maven uses a container) and this supported that answer. In the places that we wanted to do this, we ended up just setting the defaults in the execute() method. –  Chris Nov 2 '09 at 6:27

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