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I'm trying to learn caching, but it doesn't appear to be working. I have a simple app with 2 tables, conditions, and drugs. Condition HABTM Drug. When adding a condition it shows a list of the drugs available as a checklist. There are 1200 of them. I have the following in my bootstrap file:

Cache::config('default', array(
    'engine' => 'File',
    'duration' => '+1 hours',
    'path' => CACHE,

Cache::config('drugs', array(
    'engine' => 'File',
    'duration' => '+1 hours',
    'path' => CACHE,

And this in the add function of my Condition controller:

$drugs = Cache::read('drug_list','drugs');
if (!$drugs) {
    $drugs = $this->Condition->Drug->find('list',array('fields'=>array('id','generic')));
//$drugs = $this->Condition->Drug->find('list',array('fields'=>array('id','generic')));

My app/tmp/cache is writable and the file cake_drug_list was created and looks like it has the info. However when I go to the add view, the page takes so long to load chrome asks if i'd like to kill it. Where/What am I doing wrong? I did the above based on Cake Caching documentation, specifically the "Using Cache to store common query results". A more complete tutorial would be amazing if there is one someplace. I don't believe APC or Memcache is installed, is it just so slow because i'm using 'File'?

Edit: With the default baked views/controller it loads it all in a blink. So I guess I am not displaying it well? Code i'm using to display the list of drugs with checkboxes:

echo $this->Form->input('Drug',array( 
'label' => __('Medications:',true), 
'type' => 'select', 
'multiple' => 'checkbox', 
'size' => '40', 
'options' => $drugs, 
'selected' => $this->Html->value('Drug.Drug'), 
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Does it take so long to load or to show the page? How long does it take to load the page if your do not output the drug_list? How are you showing the results? Is JavaScript involved? – thaJeztah May 16 '13 at 21:35
@thaJeztah If I don't output the list of drugs it's immediate. The page shows right away, but I can't do anything because it is still, presumeably, loading in the drug information. No javascript is used. And the code to show the drugs: echo $this->Form->input('Drug',array( 'label' => __('Medications:',true), 'type' => 'select', 'multiple' => 'checkbox', 'size' => '40', 'options' => $drugs, 'selected' => $this->Html->value('Drug.Drug'), )); – Jonathan May 17 '13 at 15:48

OK it's impossible to give the exact cause based on the info you've provided, but here's some info to help you debug further.

First, as a test I just fetched 16,145 records from a MySQL database, and it took 0.6ms. If you're only fetching 1,200 rows, it should take a fraction of a second, and probably isn't even worth caching. The first thing I'd do is turn caching off, and identify which part of the page load is slowing things down, without caching. If it turns out to be your database query, then you can start caching it again (or better yet, try to figure out why fetching 1,200 records is taking so long!).

Second, there's many, many factors that can influence the load time of your page. Broken into two very rough categories, you've got:
a) Everything that happens in the first request to the server (ie, executing your PHP, MySQL queries, etc)
b) Everything that happens after the browser gets the first response from the server (ie, downloading images, scripts, etc)

If Chrome's offering to kill the connection, it must be a) that's taking up your time.

To start looking into a), install CakePHP Debug Kit. It's SQL log tab will tell you how long each SQL query took, and it's timer tab will tell you how long different parts of server-side code took to run.

Another thing to double-check is that when you fetch Drugs, you're not accidentally fetching other related records, too. Use Cake's containable behaviour to ensure that, or just call this before you fetch the records:

$this->Condition->Drug->recursive = -1; // don't fetch related records

Once you know exactly what tasks are taking up what time, update your answer with that info, and someone might be able to help you find a solution (or maybe you'll just be able to figure it out once you get that far).

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I tested it using cake default views/controller setup with recursive = -1 and it brought the 1200 records up in a blink! So it seems like it's something to with the way I am displaying the checkboxes? Updated question with that code. – Jonathan May 17 '13 at 16:26

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