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i have an application based on Eclipse RWT (standalone version). It's a rather complex enterprise application involving Spring dependency injection and a lot of frameworks to be initialized at startup.

Currently I'm in need of a second view on the whole thing. The initialization stuff is a bit complex and I want to reuse it. Further I don't want to deploy a second webapp on my Tomcat. Is it possible to implement two EntryPoints and bind each of them to a separate url-pattern?


url-pattern /first entryPoint com.example.myapp.FirstEntryPoint

url-pattern /second entryPoint com.example.myapp.SecondEntryPoint

Is this possible or do you have any alternative approaches to achieve this?

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Okay, no replies just a downvote :D. Anyways i found a solution:

It seems that this cannot be achieved with RAP 1.4. The url-pattern is defined independently from the entrypoints in de deployment-descriptor.

But with RAP 1.5 it is pretty easy: You use an ApplicationConfiguration where you can bind different entrypoints to different url-patterns...

application.addEntryPoint("/start", MyEntryPoint.class, properties);
application.addEntryPoint("/admin", MyAdminEntryPoint.class, properties);

you just need to bind the RapServlet to all used url-patterns in the web.xml.


Hope it helps...

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