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I'm using cakePHP 2.3.5 with CakeDC User & I18n plugin.

I create 2 tables, user_detail_group and user_detail_fields, which user_detail_fields belong to user_detail_group. Both tables relates to i18n tables.

When I want to get the list of user_detail_group to put in the selection using
$userDetailGroups = $this->UserDetailField->UserDetailGroup->find('list');

it return an empty array

I also try to using inside the controller $this->loadModel( 'UserDetailGroup);
pr( $this->UserDetailGroup') );

it also return an empty array

If the model not connect with i18ns table, its work properly. It's only model that related with i18ns have this problem.

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I figure out whats wrong. Im using Configure::write( 'Config.languages', array( 'en-us', 'es-us' ). When I'm change using underscore en_us. The relation works. But now it not loading the pot file. –  mikemack May 16 '13 at 18:05

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The problem is Cake TranslateBehavior on lib/Cake/Model/Behavior is using locale 'en_us', which I'm using en-us on my bootstrap.

I change the TranslateBehavior on _getLocale function from
$Model->locale = $I18n->l10n->locale;
$Model->locale = $I18n->l10n->lang;

It's work

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