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I use Apache Velocity, so I have a *.vm file, the content of which "Hello $name".

VelocityContext context = new VelocityContext();
context.put("name", "Velocity");
StringWriter w = new StringWriter();
Velocity.mergeTemplate("testtemplate.vm", context, w);
System.out.println(" template : " + w);

The result of this code is -

template : Hello Velocity!

My task is to save this result into the file. How can I save it so that in the file instead of the placeholder was a real value ("Hello Velocity!" in this particular case).

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Velocity.mergeTemplate accepts a writer. In this case you pass a StringWriter which just dumps everything in a string. You can either pass a FileWriter instead, which can save the output directly in the target file, or manually print into a file the result of w.toString();

FileWriter w = new FileWriter("/path/to/targetFile.txt");
Velocity.mergeTemplate("testtemplate.vm", context, w);
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