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I am trying to create a table of symbols in kdb, where the values of the table have spaces within. I have got

tab:([colOne:`$"value 1"`$"value 2"]colTwo:`$"value 3"`$"value 4")

currently, but this just returns

ERROR: `type (wrong type)

i have followed

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Should be:

tab:([colOne:`$("value 1";"value 2")]colTwo:`$("value 3";"value 4"))

Remember that evaluation in q is left-to-right:

colTwo:`$"value 3"`$"value 4"
`$"value 4" will be evaluated to symbol

Then it will try to apply this symbol to what's on the left:

"value 3" `$"value 4"

which will give you 'type

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Could you please add an explanation? – Trinimon May 16 '13 at 18:51
helpful explanation, thanks. I understand that the reason for `type, so I was curious to try (`$"value 3")`$"value 4" this however gives an error as `value 3`. what is the explanation for this? – ElFik May 17 '13 at 15:56
it tries to lookup function with a name of symbol on the left and call it with argument on the right. As you don't have function with name "value 3" defined - it tells you just that. a:{show 123}; `a `b – Sergey V May 19 '13 at 16:08

you are right about sym with a space part but while creating a table columns take lists as inputs. so tab:([colOne:ab]colTwo:cd) would be ok as ab is a list but when using syms with spaces you need to enclose them in () to make a list.

below will also work though sergey's answer is a better way of doing it.

tab:([colOne:($"value 1";$"value 2")]colTwo:($"value 3";$"value 4"))

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