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I need to check creating and changing dir for the new directory and print error ion fail someone from them like the following:

[ mkdir tmp && cd tmp ] || echo "error"

But I'm getting the following error:

[: missing `]'
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If mkdir fails it will print an error message. Your echo is redundant, and writing to the wrong place. Error messages belong on stderr. –  William Pursell May 16 '13 at 19:51

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&& is not allowed inside the brackets of a test command, so the missing ] is the one that bash believes should be between tmp and &&.

A correct form of your command would be

mkdir tmp && cd temp || echo "error"

If mkdir fails, (or cd fails after mkdir succeeds), then execute the echo. No test/[ command is needed.

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[ -d tmp ] || mkdir tmp

Is probably what you are looking for. This checks for the existence of the directory then creates it if it does not exist.

[ -d tmp ] || mkdir tmp || echo "failure"

displays a message if the mkdir fails.

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Sorry update topit please –  Erik May 16 '13 at 16:58

or the more verbose but clearer version:

if [ ! -d temp ] # if there is no directory
     mkdir temp
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