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I'm using the Miles Johnson Uploader plugin for CakePHP to upload images to S3. This works fine. I'm now trying to create an "assets manager" that allows users to upload JS/CSS files to S3. There is probably a better way of doing this, but I currently have a (Codemirror) textbox for entering text in a form. I then save the text as a separate file on the local filesystem and use that file to upload to S3. Adding this way works fine, but when I try to edit the file I cannot get the S3 file to update.

From what I can tell, rather than referencing the filepath that I have in my POST data (which I update to point to the local file that gets saved, it grabs the filepath from the database filepath which points to the S3 URL. So on update it downloads the S3 file and re-uploads itself, overwriting the S3 file with itself.

Is there any good way of getting the Uploader to take the local file on edit and not the remote filepath? If I edit my Image record and upload a new image file this seems to work ok - the new file is uploaded to S3 and the Image record is updated to reflect the new file/S3 URL but I can't seem to get it working when I'm just updating a file that exists on the server's filesystem.

I'm tempted to grab something like the S3 stream wrapper and use that for editing, but it seems like overkill considering I already have all of this code using the Uploader plugin.

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PS - I ended up using the AWS PHP SDK to open a stream wrapper to do file_get/put_contents and sidestepped this entirely... Oh well. –  James Alday Jun 3 '13 at 15:53
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