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I know a bit of JavaScript, and can work fine with jQuery. I just don't get why everything is referenced from $(). My understanding is that $ is never needed in JavaScript (unlike for example PHP, where every variable is prefixed with $).

I've looked through the source code, and it doesn't really make sense. Is it just that $ is the function name (for example, it could have easily have been jQuery(), but they selected $?) I assume not, though, as I don't think $ is valid in function names in JavaScript?

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$ is just a global variable that's also a reference to the jQuery function, it's $ on purpose so it's less to type. $ is perfectly valid for a function name in ECMAScript:

function $(){}; alert(typeof $);

Note that if you're using multiple libraries you can use function scope to avoid clashing dollar sign variables, eg:

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It's because $() is short for jQuery() and it's a function that wraps all of jQuery's methods into a nice simple function. It's really amazingly well designed, John Resig has built an excellent framework.

Also, $ is a valid function name.

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