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I am developing an SPA application using Kendo UI Web framework. Making ajax requests I navigate through different pages without making any full web reload. I've used KendoGrid, KendoDropDownList and others without any issues. Basically, after new DOM is fully loaded a script is executed to create KendoUI elements like this:

$("#gridId").kendoGrid(...some values...);

The problem arises when I create a KendoWindow having a form with some fields inside it. On the first time, this window is loaded with the correct values inside fields. No problem. BUT, the second time, those values are still the same as the first so new KendoWindow is not loaded properly.

Inspecting the DOM I've noticed that KendoWindow creator moves all DOM child elements to the root of the document. As my SPA application loads a new portion of the page, the KendoWindow element is not destroyed (obvious).

I have tried destroy method before making an Ajax request, like this:


..but does not work :-(

Finally I tried to destroy all Kendo elements in the root of the DOM:

 function destroyKendoDOMElements(){
        $("body div.k-reset").each(function(){

        $("body div.k-widget").each(function(){

        $("body div.k-overlay").each(function(){

this fix works for me, but I think it's not a good solution. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Instead of destroying widgets that are computationally expensive bind clean data to the window before opening it. That's one of the benefit of using SPA. –  OnaBai May 16 '13 at 20:18
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