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I am using Hibernate 4.1 trying to call a PreInsertEventListener to update the entity before inserting it into the database, based on the article here: http://anshuiitk.blogspot.ca/2010/11/hibernate-pre-database-opertaion-event.html

public class PreInsertListener implements PreInsertEventListener {

    public boolean onPreInsert(PreInsertEvent event) {
        Product product  = (Product)event.getEntity();
        String barcode = "B" + product.getProductId();

        // Update the state value that will be persisted
        String[] properties = event.getPersister().getEntityMetamodel().getPropertyNames();
        List<String> propertiesList = Arrays.asList(properties);
        event.getState()[propertiesList.indexOf('barcode')] = barcode;

When I debug it, it is executing the PreInsertListener code, but the values inserted into the database do not contain the changes from the code. This used to work in Hibernate 3. What am I missing here?

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Use the saveorupdate event listener instead.

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Note that, contrary to Hibernate 3.x behavior, you have to register a SaveOrUpdateEventListener to fire on save, update, OR saveOrUpdate in order to use it for all three cases. –  Luke Maurer Aug 18 at 23:34

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