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I'm trying to design something similar to GitHubs sliding file browser github sliding file manager

It's mostly working but im trying to style it and I get this with my borders:

mis-aligned borders

.claim-header, .support-header{
   text-align: center;
   background-color: $argument-review-banners;
  padding: 0.3em;
  font-family: "Jockey One",Arial,Georgia,sans-serif;
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: 400;
  font-size: 20px; // <--- this line breaks it
  text-transform: uppercase;
  border-color: black;
  border-style: solid;

it appears as if the font-size within the div (each one of these rows is a div as it's not really a table, as I'm not doing file browsing per se) is what breaks it, it seems to make the calculation of the width different because of font-size. I thought that susy caculates widths based on the base-font, not the font of the element. It's off by 2 pixels and I wonder if this is some sort of rounding error.

I could fix it with yet another wrapper div. But I'm wondering what the proper solution would be.

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It's not clear to me how Susy is involved in this, or how you are using it. Can you please provide more context? –  Eric M Suzanne May 16 '13 at 22:35
The width of the different divs (see the blue area? the gray area?) are different (they differ by 2 pixels. I do not specify these widths manually. They are calculated for me by susy with @include container and (I think) spans my 5 column area. Maybe the answer is to manually specify widths, but I thought susy would set the width the same in each case (independent of my font-size) –  Joe May 17 '13 at 17:57
.l-main{ margin: 0; padding: 0; @include container; // @include susy-grid-background; } –  Joe May 17 '13 at 17:58

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This issue is not related to Susy - you would have the same problem with any em-based width. Susy has no way of knowing that you changed the font size, or want to use a different em value - that all gets calculated at the browser level.

The container mixin will output the same em width each place you use it (given the same settings), but em's are relative to local font-size. That's calculated by the browser, and Susy has no knowledge of it, or control over it. There are several options.

  • You can build your grids in rem (root em) values instead, on modern browsers.
  • You can use the $container-width setting to override the calculated width - use px, %, or set the width .
  • You can set a single outer container (maybe the <body>?) around all these elements.
  • You can change the font size in a nested element, rather than on the container.
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First of all: thanks for all your help Eric (most devs dont dosupport) and thanks for an amazing product! Ok. it looks like what it was wasn't any width specification (the only width I had was on the container--not any of the row divs), it was the padding/margins which were scaling with the font size. Which is why even giant changes in font-size (10px v.s. 100px) were making minor modifications in the borders. Thanks! –  Joe May 19 '13 at 23:18

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