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I am in the process of creating an ASP.NET application the purpose of which is to collect data from our customers. The application collects 4 years worth of data(current year + 3 years historical). I have pasted a link to a screen shot of this app; please note that there is more rows such as Revenue, Cost etc that I didn't include in the screen shot to make it simple.

I started this project with a GridView but just realized that I may not be able to disable editing on specific cells. For example, referring to the screen shot, users would enter numbers for Selling & Marketing, Research & Development, General & Administrative and Total Operating Expenses would be sum of the 3 numbers and so should be disabled for editing. Also, the Total field for each year should be disabled as it is just a sum of the 4 quarters.

Can you guy please advise on what should be the best approach to designing this application? Is using GridView the right approach or should I use text boxes etc for this app? Also, are there are free apps available out there that I can use as a starting point?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Microsoft used to have a bunch of starter kits for the .NET 2.0 framework. I don't know if they've been ported to the new versions, but they were a great place for me to start. – Tim May 16 '13 at 20:29
Thanks Tim, I just want to know what type of control is ideal for my app - formview or gridview. I took a look at the starter kits but didn't find one that I can use and build upon. Any thoughts? – sam May 16 '13 at 23:58
If you just need a tabular layout a gridview would work. If you need something more advanced you could go with a DataList, which would let you format your HTML any way you want. It really depends on what you want your interface to look like. The gridview functionality is a little easier to implement, since you don't need to worry about the HTML. You can also get the cell on the (I think) RowDataBound event and disable editing through calls to the cells collection of the row you're in (just set .Enabled on the cell or its control to False). There are examples of this all over the place... – Tim May 17 '13 at 12:03

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