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I have tried to make iCloud sync working with my Core Data based app but unfortunately the support for Core Data is very buggy and let's be honest: it can't be used in a real app yet. But this is true just with Core Data, if you try to synchronize a normal text file it works like a charm.

So, trying to sort this problem out I've had a strange idea ... Would it be possible to script the "difference" when the persistent store is updated? I mean... When I call a persist I think that under the hood iOS create a script of SQLite statement and execute this script, doesn't it? So, if I could "capture" all these scripts I could save them in normal text file that I sync with iCloud with all other device. Receiving these scripts in another device, I will be ok just executing them and updating my SQLite db.

Ok, it seems to easy to me... I am missing something, but... what? :)

Thank you for your answers and sorry if my English sucks... :(


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Someone already did something like that, only without needing to reverse-engineer Apple's transaction logs. Check out Drew McCormack's fork of TICoreDataSync. –  Tom Harrington May 17 '13 at 20:39
Wow! Thank you Tom, I have something to study for the weekend! ;) –  mastro35 May 18 '13 at 0:18

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