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suddenly our html5 mobile Facebook app stopped working when you are not logged in to Facebook.

when you access the app from a bookmark http://www.realmofempires.com/chooserealm.aspx on a mobile device, the user is never asked to login to facebook, and just gets this error:

Not Logged In
You are not logged in. Please login and try again.

when looking at the sequence of events, we observe these calls:


  • graph.facebook.com/oauth/authorize
  • www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth
  • m.facebook.com/dialog/permissions.request

(details, exact url)

I believe that the browser should be sent to something like this, stead of the permissions.request


No idea what is happening!

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Have you had any luck with this, Greg? We're facing the same issue. –  chrislopresto May 29 '13 at 15:42

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