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I want to create something like this in a field I have, a "custom keyboard". How can I do that? Image: enter image description here


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Why is this necessarily a "keyboard"? It's not triggered by tapping a UITextField or UITextView by your example. The way I see it - you want to create a panel that slides in from the bottom once you tap on a UITableViewCell in your UITableView, correct? –  Stavash May 16 '13 at 21:22

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Assumption: Your custom keyboard would be similar in the types of options offered to the one pictured.

If you're not wed to the layout you have above, I would personally recommend a UIPickerView (as Apple uses when creating calendar events, etc).

One of the advantages of doing so is that it is a UI component that is well understood by users in the iOS world, whereas a custom keyboard interface would not only be harder to implement, but would have a higher learning curve as users are presented with an interface they've never seen before.

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Guess you are right :D –  Eli_Rozen May 16 '13 at 21:33

The example you showing is here is no real keyboard - most likely it is a custom UIView with a rather complicated UIControl elements and UIButtons behind it that were made to look like the more or less standard iOS interface. So you need no keyboard in this case, just use your imagination!

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Any view can be an inputView for a UITextField.

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