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How to implement something like this:

If someone send email with file in attachment to system@mail.com, this file is added automatically to database.

Please general algorithm how to do or suggest existing app

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Are you trying to read from a mailbox and write the information into the database? If so, then you want to:

1) Open a connection to the mail server using poplib or imaplib from the standard library

2) Retrieve messages from the server (again with poplib or imaplib)

3) Parse the messages with the email package from the standard library.

From there, you can populate whatever stuff you want in your database, either using the Django ORM or not.

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Not sure that this is the best approach.

Define your custom EmailBackend and override send_messages. After sending emails, loop over messages and check if it is for system@mail.com and there are attachments:

from django.core.mail.backends.smtp import EmailBackend

class CustomEmailBackend(EmailBackend):
    def send_messages(self, email_messages):
        super(CustomEmailBackend, self).send_messages(email_messages)
        for email_message in email_messages:
            if 'system@mail.com' in email_message.recipients and email_message.attachments:
                # write to the database

Then, point EMAIL_BACKEND setting to your custom backend.

Should work in theory.

Also see:

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