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This is for a basic bootstrap navbar with a dropdown, which is being used in a header.php (so each page cannot have it's own navbar with list-items with an active tag)

I've been using this to echo an active tag when you go to a page:


First issue: When the <li> has a dropdown, the echo won't work.

Second issue: Figuring out a way to get that Home <li> to be active when a <li> from it's drop down is chosen, like "shakes".

    <li class="dropdown" <?=echoActiveClassIfRequestMatches("foods")?>>
        <a href="foods.php" >foods</a>

        <ul class="dropdown-menu">
            <li><a href="#">shakes</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">cookies</a></li>

Wanted to do a Bootply for this, but when your href is # - basically I couldn't figure out how to link to another page in Bootply so you can see the result of the active echo. Not sure if you can.

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First issue: a html-tag (li in this case) can't have two class attributes, so you need to do something like <li class="dropdown <?=echoActiveClassIfRequestMatches("foods")?>"> which results in <li class="dropdown active">. So you need the out put of your echoActiveClassIfRequestMatches-function too.

Second issue: php can't read the hash part of your url, see Can PHP read the hash portion of the URL?. You will need javascript to to set the partent to active.

 $('.dropdown-menu li a').on('click', function() { $(this).parent().addClass('active');});
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Thank you Bass! I'd vote for this answer, but I'm not up to that level yet. But thank you very much. –  BMCwebdev May 22 '13 at 17:04

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