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I am making the distinction between User Interaction Experience and pure User Interface (UI) design here, even though there is often a correspondence. You can have great user interaction even with a ‘boring’ grey interface, (note that a boring interface is not a requirement!).

My bookshelf contains the following:

What other books or resources would you add to this list?

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Is there one in this list that stands out above the others? – LittleTreeX Sep 26 '11 at 21:45

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User Interface Design for Programmers

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You can get the majority of the book online at the author's Web site. – Mitch Wheat Oct 3 '08 at 7:31
A very helpful book! – Goran Nov 12 '08 at 13:15

On Web usability, Jakob Nielsen:

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fantastic resource - read it, use it, subscribe to the newsletter – Steven A. Lowe Nov 16 '08 at 4:59
Definitely, a must have resource. – Ramiz Uddin Aug 1 '09 at 20:18

The site hasn't been updated for a year, but the essays are all still valid: AskTog. Also the UX design guidelines for your platform of choice:

Note that while it looks like I'm hung up on look-and-feel, most of these guides provide much, much more than just positioning and metrics. Most of them have detailed interaction guidelines, widget usage guidelines, what's appropriate where and when, etc.

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coding horror

Coding Horror Blog... duh!

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I think one of the keys to designing a good User Experience rather than only designing a User Interface is a deep understanding of users, their needs and goals. I'd recommend picking up at least one or two books that focus on this.

Some of the good ones I've read have been from the people at IDEO or Adaptive Path, particularly Mental Models by Indi Young.

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I find SmashingMagazine and AlertBox to excellent online resources for usability.

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Nice list. Have you tried:

This is really useful site for finding online resources related to user experience and interaction.

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This blog collates a number of others and often links to interesting articles. Both web, application and hardware design and UX is featured.

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The UX Hero blog is worth subscribing to. It's pretty new, but off to a good start.

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For Windows Vista apps I would also include Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines. UX Guide PDF format

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I recommend Smashing Magazine, Wireframe, useit, .etc. All these are online based and great place to learn and explore User experience subject. rajesh

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