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Just trying out Android Studio. I have exported my project Gradle file from Eclipse and imported it into Android Studio.

The project will not build in Android Studio, it fails with a message saying

IllegalStateException: Unable to find Gradle home directory for project 'NVRRClubApp': Unable to find Gradle home directory for project 'NVRRClubApp'

I have no idea what my Gradle home directory should be, or even where to set it. I was hoping the import would have fixed that for me.

Any ideas how to start fixing this?

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I have the same problem with gradle home dir. How to setup it for my imported project? – Borys May 29 '13 at 20:37

Gradle needs a home directory to store its junk, like git. Choose a directory that is convenient for how your store your development files. Something that will get backed up when you back up your work.

Mine is: C:\Documents and Settings\GeorgeDeVargas\My Documents\Software

You will then likely get some java null pointer errors as you configure Android:


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Do you know how to check my home dir for gradle? (I have C:/User/name/.gradle) – Borys May 29 '13 at 20:35

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