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My apologies for the length of the question - I tend to do that when I'm unsure of the terminology to use, or where to start. I've been using C# for some time now, but mostly within the context of ASP.NET (specifically, MVC 4). I had an idea to create a small simulator to simulate some things in physics. For example, the Ideal Gas Law:

P = n*R*T/V
        P is pressure
        v is volume
        n is moles of gas
        T is temperature
        R is the ideal gas constant

Something simple, where the values are listed and have a + and - button to increase/decrease the value of each (while calling the method again to re-calculate and display P based on the new data).

i was thinking about having a circle drawn on screen, and based on the amount of pressure and the temperature of the gas inside, the circle would expand up to a certain point: for example, the circle would have a static value of the amount of pressure that it can resist, and once that threshold has been met, the circle expands until the pressure value = the threshold again (because as pressure increases and the container expands, pressure will then decrease until more moles of gas are added or the temperature is increased).

Each pixel will eventually have to move around based on the values, so I'm assuming that each pixel will be an object, or that each pixel will have an object created and associated with it. But for now, I just need to find a place to start.

I realize that this may be both a simple and complex question, but really I'm looking for ways to get started. Do I do everything on top of a large label on a form, the label having a black background? Or draw the circle and pixels on the form itself (the form having a black background, the pixels being yellow or something easily seen)? I wasn't able to find a starting place and am just looking for advice.

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so I'm assuming that each pixel will be an object, or that each pixel will have an object created and associated with it. the usual method in graphics is to think in the model/world and the view. The translation of the view to graphics is later rather mechanical. – SJuan76 May 16 '13 at 23:19

I would get started by having a form with a panel in it that is on Docking = Fill, and which has a panel_OnPaint event handler. There, using the Graphics object from the event argument, you can start drawing things. And if you have data that changes, just call Refresh() on your panel, and things get redrawn.

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