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Is it possible in any way to troubleshoot the build process in Visual Studio? I'd like to see which part of the build specifically takes so much time.

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Tools\Options\Project and Solutions\Build and Run\MSBuild output verbosity -> verbose.

In the Output Window, you'll get a time summary at the end, and you can see at which point in the process there is a long pause.

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+1. nice......... – Mitch Wheat Nov 2 '09 at 8:30
Ok, so now I've information that target CoreCompile inside one of the projects takes 200202 miliseconds.. can I go deeper and check why? – rafek Nov 2 '09 at 9:46
CoreCompile typically is just running the command-line compiler on the source code (the command-line should show in the output window). At that point, you might need to ask a more specific question about that compiler (which compiler is it?). – Brian Nov 2 '09 at 18:05

Watch the output window in visual studio during a build or build from the command line directly with MSBuild. You should be able to notice where the build process is spending most of its time.

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