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I'm writing a custom Heroku buildpack (heroku-buildpack-fantom) for Fantom, and as part of the compile script I've downloaded a .zip file (from a language vendor), but how do I unzip it?

unzip is not a recognised command.

gunzip exists but I can't use it to unzip .zip files.

What am I missing?

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Even though (by default) Linux does not come pre-installed with unzip, the Heroku dyno does have a jar command. So the following works okay:

  > jar xf wotever.zip
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If you want to specify an output directory mkdir /tmp/target; cd /tmp/target does the job. jar has an option -C but seems not working for extracting. As a side note, rake can't run cd you need to use Dir.chdir. –  Nobu Feb 6 at 2:03

Be sure to run the 'file' command on it. I got a .zip file from SourceForge that was actually bzip2 encoded and Heroku has both the bunzip2 decoder and the -j (--bzip2) option on tar to handle it.

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Cheers, I had never heard of the file command: file is a standard Unix program for recognizing the type of data contained in a computer file. –  Steve Eynon Aug 23 '13 at 8:43

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