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When using a member function for a C-Style callback, is it necessary to pin the delegate so that it is not collected or moved by the GC? I have read several posts on the subject but have not been able to determine if it's necessary or the correct way of implementing.

public delegate void FeedCallbackDelegate(int type,void* data,void *param);

public ref class CStyleApiWrapper


    void StartFeed();


    FeedCallbackDelegate^ managedFeedCallback;
    IntPtr unmanagedFeedCallbackPtr;

    void FeedCallback(int code,int type,void* data,void *param);


void CStyleApiWrapper::StartFeed()

    managedFeedCallback = gcnew managedFeedCallback(this, &CStyleApiWrapper::FeedCallback);
    unmanagedFeedCallbackPtr = Marshal::GetFunctionPointerForDelegate(managedFeedCallback);

    //Start Feed


void CStyleApiWrapper::FeedCallback(int type,void* data,void *param)
    //Process Feed
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Just calling GetFunctionPointerForDelegate is not enough to keep the GC from reclaiming your delegate. You have to Alloc a handle with GCHandle.Alloc on the delegate. Alloc adds a reference to the delegate, which prevents disposal. Then you have to Free that handle when you are done with it.

Here is a good example page:

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