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I have a JFrame class with a BorderLayout that holds another class (ScorePanel) which extends JPanel. This is the relevant code for the JFrame class, a method not called by the constructor that sets up the ScorePanels. gPanel is the main game panel, but don't worry about that.:

public void initialize() { //called by controller at the end
    if (Controller.DEBUG) System.out.println("View initialized"); 
    JPanel scores = new JPanel();
    ScorePanel score1 = new ScorePanel("Volume", 1);
    ScorePanel score2 = new ScorePanel("Pitch", 2);
    scores.add(score1); scores.add(score2);
    this.add(scores, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    this.add(gpanel, BorderLayout.CENTER); //main game panel

And this is the relevant code of ScorePanel:

private int score; //this current score
private String name; //this name
private int player; //this player

public ScorePanel(String n, int p){ //a JPanel that shows the player's name and score
    name = n;
    score = 0;
    player = p;

I've figured this out before, but I can't remember what to do. What happens when I run this is I see a few white squares where the large ScorePanels should be.

Here is a screenshot. I hope my question and code is clear.

Unfinished pong game

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JPanel uses FlowLayout by default which respects preferred sizes of its child components. It's likely that the current preferred size is 0 x 0. Override getPreferredSize to set this.

ScorePanel score1 = new ScorePanel("Volume", 1) {
    public Dimension getPreferredSize() {
        return new Dimension(150, 100);

Don't use setSize on components. Rather set preferred sizes as above and make sure to invoke JFrame#pack.

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Wow, thanks. Worked perfectly. –  9000 May 17 '13 at 1:30

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