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I am trying to restructure a named-JSON response to return a model object (some attributes only), and some associated arrays stored in local variables, however I am unsure what I'm doing incorrectly. The local variables are definitely being assigned with values, however they're not being returned in the response.

This is the structure of what I want returned...

{ name: "Dan", email: "", id: "1", open_gifts: [ { objects }, { here }] }

Setup @person = Person.find_by_id(params[:id]) gifts_created_open = Gift.created_gifts_open(@person)

return_object = [,,, gifts_created_open]

Now this, returns a JSON object with the details, but its wrapped in an array, and I'm trying to return just a named object, with the associated array inside it.

render :json => return_object

And this returns a named object, but its missing the array. What gives??

render :json => @person.to_json(:gifts_created_open, :only => [:name, :email, :id] )

Many thanks with this. I've already spent several hours :/

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return_object = {,,, gifts:gifts_created_open}.to_json
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