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I am trying to deploy a project to azure, via the "remote git repo" method. But in my repo, the actual node application is a few directories in. Thus, Azure does not do anything when the repo is pushed.

Is there some way to configure the azure website to run from a directory buried in the repo?

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do you use Azure Website or Azure Cloud Service? –  Tom Dec 19 '13 at 19:14

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This isn't so much an Azure question as a Git question. What you want to know is if there is a way to clone only a sub-directory or branch of a project. From doing some research on this just a couple of weeks ago, the best I could find were solutions for how to do a sparse clone, which does allow one to restrict the files cloned (almost there) but does so within the entire project's directory structure (denied).

A couple of related SO questions & answers which you might find helpful:

Is there any way to clone a git repository's sub-directory only?

(Short answer 'no')

Checkout subdirectories in Git?

(Answer describes the sparse checkout ability).

I would love to see if a git guru might have a better answer based on updates to git, etc.

Good luck with it - I ended up just putting my node app in its own Git project as it seemed the most straightforward approach overall, though not ideal.

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