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I have 2 running environments of same rails app. one is development and second one is say staging. when i try to run my app on development environment then it runs good without any exception. but when i try to run same app on staging, then it throws an exception of Request-URI too large error. i run this app using webrick on both development and staging.

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Why not use thin? People say Webrick isn't supposed to be run in production. gem 'thin' and to start it rails s – Bogdan Rybak May 17 '13 at 5:35

It seems to be that your request uri is longer than 2083 chars. This is the max uri size of the webrick. But to replace webrick with thin will help.

sudo gem install thin


thin start
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Webrick can't handle URI's longer than MAX_URI_LENGTH = 2083 (according to this). And it's not really supposed to be run in production (some people say)

Try using thin. gem 'thin' in your Gemfile, installing and then rails s

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Can anyone explain why this answer is being downvoted? – Substantial May 17 '13 at 7:07

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