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I've never created a custom cursor before, and I'm having a little trouble with it. Maybe I'm doing this completely wrong, but I tried opening up an icon in photoshop, and saving it as .gif and .cur, but it still isn't working on my webpage. Does it need to be a specific size like the favicon? How would I go about doing this?

My code in the css:

  cursor:url('cursor.gif'), pointer;
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The image format should be icon (.ico). And the normal size should be 32x32. But it depends on the requirement.

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See the MDN Documentation on that. It says:

In Gecko (Firefox) the limit of the cursor size is 128×128px. Larger cursor images are ignored. However, you should limit yourself to the size 32×32 for maximum compatibility with operating systems and platforms.

Following image formats are supported: enter image description here

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