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I'm having a web-site where most of the content will be loaded in a full-sized iframe.

I don't control the iframe itself, only the parent web-site that references the iframe.

When someone clicks on a link within the iframe, I want it to be loaded in place of my site, such that the user can always bookmark the page, and it'd be the correct page that's bookmarked.

Tried target='_parent' as an attribute for the iframe, but it didn't seem to work.

Looking for a solution that's HTML5-compliant, no JavaScript.

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BTW, I'm not sure a JavaScript solution would even be possible, because of a distinct origin issue. :/ – cnst May 17 '13 at 16:06

As a starting point, it would seem like the seamless attribute does this; but it's experimental and not supported by most browsers yet; plus it also has many other side-effects and comes with restrictions of its own (it looks like one won't be able to use it between documents of different origins).

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