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I am trying to get a crosstab with percentages from this file using Hmisc. But why is summary() dropping a category ("OTHERS") from the variable OCCUPATION?

summary(ID ~ OCCUPATION, data=df, method="reverse")

Output: Descriptive Statistics by ID

|                          |HUSBAND |SELF    |
|                          |(N=28)  |(N=72)  |
|OCCUPATION : SELF EMPLOYED|93% (26)|31% (22)|

Compare this to the simple table()

  HUSBAND      2            26
  SELF        50            22
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I think something funky happens when print summary method calls formatCats. I'll try and get back to this a little later. –  Roman Luštrik May 17 '13 at 8:24

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This is for the benefit of whoever has faced this peculiar problem. I stumbled across the solution after going over the very, very long documentation that Hmisc has. The solution is to use print() with exclude1=F option:

print(summary(ID ~ OCCUPATION, data=df, method="reverse"), exclude1=F)

Descriptive Statistics by ID

|                   |HUSBAND |SELF    |
|                   |(N=28)  |(N=72)  |
|OCCUPATION : OTHERS| 7% ( 2)|69% (50)|
|    SELF EMPLOYED  |93% (26)|31% (22)|
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