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How to create socket-based ( Binary Socket) WCF server server with WCF, C#? What do I need? I need -

  • Open Source Libs
  • Tutorials
  • Blog posts/Articles
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Why would you do such a thing? WCF is targeting a much higher abstraction level: You write a service and a client, the communication between those two is secondary but always message based. Your question is somehow analogue to "How can I use C# to write assembler code?" ;-)

However, since WCF offers multiple extension points you could probably hook into the layers where the bytes are taken from the wire and do something there. In the description of the stack over at Nicholas Allen's blog you are probably interested in bullet 5 or 6.

By the way, this blog is quite useful for the WCF developer. Nicholas Allen is one of the designers of the WCF at Microsoft. For further reading I recommend "Programming WCF Services" by Juval Löwy.

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This is not something like socket-based WCF server. this is Google request. –  Rella Nov 2 '09 at 10:39
Do you know how WCF work? What did you mean under "binary socket"? In WCF this is all about serialization you chose. There is no "binary sockets" there. So, please try google first and then reask your question. –  FractalizeR Nov 2 '09 at 10:56
I need to take data from TCP.Net and transport it using Binary Socket to some App (for ex flash) or something else where you can use sockets but there is no Binding methods support. –  Rella Nov 2 '09 at 11:38
I don't see how WCF is applicable here... –  FractalizeR Nov 2 '09 at 12:07
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