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I've been banging my head at the wall since yesterday (only interrupted by a great Bruce Springsteen concert last night... ;-)

I am trying to add some JS testing to an existing (Rails) project. Basically the folder structure is this:

├── app
│   └── assets
│       └── javascripts
│           └── strftime.js
└── spec
    ├── buster.js
    └── javascripts
        └── strftime.test.js

In this very simple example I've taken the buster example from here https://gist.github.com/cjohansen/1904218 to be sure that everything worked before moving files around.

My buster.js looks like this:

var config = exports;

config["Server tests"] = {
    // sources: ["../app/assets/javascripts/strftime.js"],
    tests: ["javascripts/strftime.test.js"],

    env: "node"

and I've tried modifying the first 5 lines of strftime.test.js to this:

if (typeof require == "function" && typeof module == "object") {
    buster = require("buster");


Currently when I run buster test, I get this:

$ buster test
Failed requiring ./spec/javascripts/strftime.test.js: Cannot find module '../app/assets/javascripts/lib/strftime.js'

If I try to uncomment the sources line, buster test fails silently - even if I try to run it with high debug level.

I've zipped the entire example (2 KB) and put it here, if anyone would like try give it a try: http://gehling.dk/b2.zip

UPDATE: I've managed to require the js-file successfully by supplying the path relative to my test-js file:

if (typeof require == "function" && typeof module == "object") {
    buster = require("buster");


But I still have the problem with buster failing silently, if I add the sources parameter.


/ Carsten

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In your zipped buster.js you reference a non-existent lib dir in your "sources" element:

var config = exports;

config["Server tests"] = {
    // sources: ["../app/assets/javascripts/lib/strftime.js"],
    tests: ["javascripts/strftime.test.js"],

    env: "node"

You also reference the same lib directory in strftime.test.js.

By changing your buster.js to look like this:

var config = exports;

config["Server tests"] = {
    rootPath: "../",
    environment: "node",
    sources: ["app/assets/javascripts/strftime.js"],
    tests: ["spec/javascripts/strftime.test.js"],

And by changing the require statement in strftime.test.js to this:


And running your tests with buster-test from within the spec dir, you'll get buster attempting to run some tests:

$ spec  buster-test
Failure: Date strftime tests %j should return the day of the year

P.s., don't forget to link buster to your project with npm link buster.

Download the fixed files: http://speedyshare.com/FGvCe/b2.tar.gz

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