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I'm going to create reports for my module from OpenERP 7. as per forums i used Web kit Report method.

first, from using below command i installed wkhtmltopdf on my machine.

sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

its installed. now when i type in terminal its show location path also.

$ which wkhtmltopdf

I'm installed Web kit Report module in OpenERP 7.then how to start report create process.? is there any tutorial,blog,post,video to follow ? or can any one please tell me steps for that.


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For OpenERP v7 you need to set the webkit path in the system parameter

go to Settings > Technical > Parameter > System Parameter

create a new record with key: webkit_path

and value will be the path of webkit executable.

for report sample you can check the code of report_webkit_sample module of OpenERP v6.1 Addons. There is no difference in the code.

This Slides will helps you.

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For webkit report you have create .mako file instead of .rml, one parsing py file and register your report in xml same as you do with rml report.

You can have some more information about Webkit report modules & configuration. Just look at other webkit reports and you will come to know how to deal with it.

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