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My problem is that i need to make a pub-sub mechanism that will give the publisher the option to prevent some subscribers from getting any messages. This option should be managed by the publisher so natural thing to do is add a filter to the subscription that will filter out any messages with a "restricted" field. But although it does feel correct, the message on subject should go thorough mobile network at a very low latency so it should be as small as possible. The other option would be to make some control mechanism that will allow publishers to change the topic a bit.

What would be more correct? Does the second option would make the pub-sub design pattern useless?

Thanks ahead!

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You can consider using a middleware based on OMG DDS standard which provides publish-subscribe architecture. DDS has a wide range of QoS attributes that you can use to implement your real-time applications.

DDS middleware provides the ability to "ignore_subscription", which I guess is exactly what you are asking for.

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