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I am using yii dropdown with active records in that i am using multiselect dropdown. i am creating data with in which i am selected multiple option from dropdown.. while updating i want to disable selected option which i selected at time of creation.

$savedSections  =   helpers::getQuestionnaireSectionList($model->questionnaire_id);

$data   =   helpers::getSection();

$listData       =   CHtml::listData($data, 'section_id', 'section_name');

$htmlOptions = array('size' => '5', 'multiple' => 'true','style'=>'width: 333px');

$queSection->section_ref_id =   $savedSections; #sec2

echo $form->listBox($queSection,'section_ref_id',$listData, $htmlOptions); #sec1



now here #sec1 is showing output with multiple option and i am also getting selected options but i want to disabled all the selected option which is coming from #sec2

Please help me if you have any idea.

regards anil

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change your $htmlOptions to be like this:

$htmlOptions = array(
    'size' => '5',
    'multiple' => 'true',

45 here is a section_id

and if you want to find out how it's implemented you can take a look a this

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