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I want to integrate the flickr api to upload the image through my iphone application to flickr site. I had downloaded the code snap&Runfrom github. i had integrated the same SDK code in my project.But it is showing me the error while convert in to the ARC. i had getting read line issues. Those errors are in OFUtilities.m file

  static NSData *OFSha1(NSData *inData)
NSMutableData *result = [NSMutableData dataWithLength:CC_SHA1_DIGEST_LENGTH];
CC_SHA1_CTX context;
CC_SHA1_Update(&context, [inData bytes], (CC_LONG)[inData length]);
CC_SHA1_Final([result mutableBytes], &context);
return result;

In above method i have getting this error "No Matching Function for call CC_SHA1_Final"

NSString *OFHMACSha1Base64(NSString *inKey, NSString *inMessage)
NSData *keyData = [inKey dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

if ([keyData length] > CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES) {
    keyData = OFSha1(keyData);

if ([keyData length] < CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES) {
    NSUInteger padSize = CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES - [keyData length];

    NSMutableData *paddedData = [NSMutableData dataWithData:keyData];
    [paddedData appendData:[NSMutableData dataWithLength:padSize]];
    keyData  = paddedData;

NSMutableData *oKeyPad = [NSMutableData dataWithLength:CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES];
NSMutableData *iKeyPad = [NSMutableData dataWithLength:CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES];

const uint8_t *kdPtr = [keyData bytes];
uint8_t *okpPtr = [oKeyPad mutableBytes];
uint8_t *ikpPtr = [iKeyPad mutableBytes];

memset(okpPtr, 0x5c, CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES);
memset(ikpPtr, 0x36, CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES);

NSUInteger i;
for (i = 0; i < CC_SHA1_BLOCK_BYTES; i++) {
    okpPtr[i] = okpPtr[i] ^ kdPtr[i];
    ikpPtr[i] = ikpPtr[i] ^ kdPtr[i];

NSData *msgData = [inMessage dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

NSMutableData *innerData = [NSMutableData dataWithData:iKeyPad];
[innerData appendData:msgData];
NSData *innerDataHashed = OFSha1(innerData);

NSMutableData *outerData = [NSMutableData dataWithData:oKeyPad];
[outerData appendData:innerDataHashed];

NSData *outerHashedData = OFSha1(outerData);

size_t outputLength;
char *outputBuffer = NewBase64Encode([outerHashedData bytes], [outerHashedData length], true, &outputLength);

NSString *result = [[[NSString alloc] initWithBytes:outputBuffer length:outputLength encoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding] autorelease];
return result;

here i had getting the error is"canot initialize a variable of type 'const uint8_t' with an r value of type const value"

Please help me. Thanks in advanced.

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Sometimes the conversion of a non arc code to arc wont be a success. If your external framework doesn't support ARC, its better do not try for the conversion. instead set the compiler flag -fno-objc-arc for that specific files to compile without ARC.

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thanks for your reply .But here i have integrated the flickr snap&run code in to the other project instead of converting in to the ARC it had getting those errors – Vasu May 17 '13 at 9:48

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